What it’s all about

I decided one day that maybe I should try and do what the doctor ordered – exercise more, but, you have to admit, that is rather boring. So instead of racing out to get a gym membership so I can pay for twelve months and get one month’s actual usage I thought I would look for a challenge instead.

Having been to Amsterdam the previous year and rather taken by the amount of cycling going on and remembering how good it felt from way back when (the good old days) inspired me, I should remove the old bicycle from its hidey hole in the garage and actually use it.

I remembered how much I used to cycle and thought I needed more of a challenge than just using it, I resolved that I needed a more specific target. Ah ha, I thought, what about riding to Amsterdam and showing them my fine cycling skills.

But then I remembered that cycling was rather easy after all, so it needed to be more of a challenge. Then inspiration struck, why not use my folding bike with its tiny wheels and only a handful of gears, now that was a more of a challenge!

Now, how can I improve on that? Well, by raising money for charity (so I have to actually do it, rather than dream it).

I promptly announced this to my wife, who, after a quick expression of surprise,

put on her encouraging, supportive face

and told me to go for it.

Then came the first ride for years – apparently, a ride to and round the local park feels more like the entire trip to Amsterdam, non-stop. It seems I will need a bit more practice before I can announce the start date of my ride.