King Of The Downs

Been on my hardest ride EVER – King Of The Downs – 55 miles with five very steep hills (for me). I also hit my fastest speed of 40mph on one of the down sections. All part of training for Ride London 100 (miles) which I am using to raise money for Children with Cancer. Celebrate now by sending money HERE

Remember – Being Cool is Easy, Being Awesome Requires Contributing

I actually finished the 46 miles

In a mere four hours six minutes, if only I had Lycra to make me go faster – though to be honest, more than eight gears would probably be more use on that front.

Just under a year ago I was wiped out cycling a couple of miles round the local park, rather slowly compared to now. Just goes to show.

Eleven months later I’m still recovering from my bouncing along the road (eight weeks before the ride), but managed to get round a 46 mile course – including the hills – without dismounting. (OK, apart from the water refill at Hampton Court).

And I helped a worthwhile cause, click on the picture below if you’d care to donate:


Spare change anyone?

I’m going to attempt the London Prudential 46 on the Sunday 30th of July, I might even make it round the course. Rather than just ride it, I’m going to ask for sponsorship for a good cause. If you can spare a couple of nice shiny pounds, that’s all you need give, then head in to the link below, or send it to someone who would be interested, or do both – just because it’s nice.

I’m raising funds via Just Giving for Children with Cancer UK

I made it to the Oxford Blue…

It was a struggle in filthy weather, but I just made it in time.

It would have been shorter but thanks to Camberley’s council deciding to model the Mariana trench just after the traffic lights before the huge roundabout – I had to stop, go back, pick up my now very empty water bottle then gasp until I reached a petrol station to take out a small mortgage on a bottle of water.

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This is how to finish a ride!

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